Household Electric Appliances Reverse Osmosis System Undersink Water Purifier

Input Voltage:110-220V /50-60Hz, Output :voltage: DC 24V

100GPD water flow rate : 260ml/min

Rated total net water volume: 2000L

2 stages Filter(PCB three-in-one filter, RO membrane 100G )

Product Size: 390x115x320mm

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100GPD Reverse osmosis water purifier Rated voltage frequency AC220V/50HZ
Universal power supply Tap water Water making power 62W
Purified water flow 260ml/min Recovery rate 50%
Water inlet pressure <0.4MPa Type of protection against electric shock II
Work pressure 0.5-0.7MPa Type of water Purified water, pure water
Filter stages 2 Rated total net water volume 4000L
Filter element type Snap-in PAC composite + snap-in 100G RO membrane
Product Size 390*115*320mm


With Filtration system.

PAB: PP cotton carbon rod composite filter element: intercepts impurities in water, adsorbs residual chlorine in water, different colors and odors, and improves the taste of water.

RO: Remove heavy metals, bacteria, chemical residues, microorganisms and other harmful substances in water.

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